About Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic

Welcome to Our Practice

The dedicated podiatry professionals at Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic offer the most advanced cutting-edge treatments for foot and ankle ailments for both children and adults. With state-of-the-art locations available in Draper and Orem, Utah, patients throughout the Greater Salt Lake and Utah County have a clinic nearby. 

As a full-service podiatry practice, Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic boasts modern, portable digital X-ray and ultrasound imaging right on-site, for a fast and most advanced, diagnosis. Each clinic has a 3D custom orthotics scanner available, which allows for more precise measurements when it comes to making custom orthotics.

What was previously owned by the beloved, but now retired, Dr. Schiffgen, has now been passed on to Dr. Greg Brockbank-who carries the torch and legacy of quality Podiatric care. Dr. Brockbank's team regularly treats patients who suffer from bunions, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and other chronic pain-causing issues. They even treat ingrown toenail surgery with minimal pain right in the office.

Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic also cares for athletes with foot and ankle fractures of all levels. The team provides comprehensive sports medicine care for ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, stress fractures, and more. 

With flexible scheduling available throughout the week, patients have access to a dedicated podiatrist when they need them the most. The team has appointment times early in the morning, as well as later into the evening, so that patients can come in before or after work or school. 

Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic providers want patients to feel confident that they’re working with practitioners who are highly qualified, experienced, and caring. The team collaborates to offer superior health care to help patients restore their quality of life.