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An ankle sprain is known for causing pain and swelling. While it may heal on its own over time, without proper treatment early on, that sprain can lead to chronic ankle instability. If you have an ankle sprain, whether it’s minor or severe, contact Greg Brockbank DPM, and the team at Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic in Draper and Orem, Utah, for an evaluation. The expert podiatry team offers on-site imaging to efficiently diagnose you on the spot and get you started on treatment quickly. You can conveniently book your evaluation today by using the online booking tool or by calling the office.

Ankle Sprain Q & A

What is an ankle sprain?

An ankle sprain means that you have an injury to one or more of the ligaments in your ankle — the fibrous bands that connect bone to bone. These injured ligaments may be overstretched, partially torn, or even completely torn. Multiple ligaments may also be affected.

Usually, ankle sprain injuries occur in the ligaments on the outside of your ankle when you have a fall or misstep and roll your ankle. Damage can happen to any of the ligaments in your ankle if you have ankle instability issues due to prior ankle sprains or inherited weakened ankle ligaments. 

When should I see a doctor for an ankle sprain?

The team at Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic encourages you to come in for an evaluation if you’ve rolled or twisted your ankle, even if your pain seems minor. It’s important to schedule an exam as soon as possible if your ankle is:

  • Swollen
  • Bruised 
  • Stiff 

Your ankle may feel wobbly and unstable like it’s going to give way. These signs and symptoms all warrant a trip to Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic for a comprehensive evaluation. Your risk of re-injury dramatically increases if you don’t get started on treatment as soon as your injury occurs.

What is the treatment for an ankle sprain?

Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic specializes in conservative treatments. In addition to recommending frequent periods of rest, ice, compression, and elevation — RICE therapy — your podiatrist may stabilize your ankle with a brace or splint. In the early stages, you may also need nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) or pain medications to help with swelling.

You should typically begin early physical therapy shortly after your injury occurs. This type of rehabilitation is essential for promoting blood flow and stimulating tissue healing.

As your ankle becomes stronger after several weeks, you gradually get started on flexibility and range of motion exercises during rehabilitation. Full recovery from an ankle sprain takes at least six to eight weeks. 

If you have a more severe ankle sprain or if conservative treatments aren’t working for you, your podiatrist at Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic may recommend surgery. Ankle sprain surgery involves repairing your damaged ligaments, possibly through tissue grafting, and removing any damaged bone fragments or tissues.

Whether you have a minor or significant ankle sprain, contact Lone Peak Foot & Ankle Clinic right away. Click on the online scheduler or call either offices to book an appointment today.

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